Refinery watch: Planned and unplanned US outages

The following list includes planned and unplanned production outages at US refineries as reported over the past 10 days by Dow Jones Newswires. The information is compiled from both official and unofficial refining sources and does not purport to be a comprehensive list.

Citgo Petroleum said a compressor at its refinery in Lemont lll, had recently returned to service after completion of planned repairs. The work, under way wasn't expected to affect production levels, the company said at that time.

Phillips 66 said a furnace problem at its Sweeny Refinery in Old Ocean, Texas, caused Unit 35, previously identified as an Aromatics Unit, to shut down in its report to Texas state environmental regulators. The emissions event lasted just under 12 hours, the filing to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said.

Phillips 66 said a process leak on a hydrocracker unit at its Wood River Refinery in Roxana, Illinois, resulted in an 11.5 hour release of hydrogen sulfide and flaring, a filing to regulators said. The current status of operations at the unit wasn't specified.

Tesoro reported the startup of an unspecified major processing unit at its Golden Eagle Refinery in Martinez to state environmental regulators. It wasn't clear if the restart was associated with partial, brief power outage. Four major process units affected by it were in restart, the company said.

Valero Energy reported maintenance on soot blowers at its McKee Refinery in Sunray, Texas, to state environmental regulators. The work was expected to last through the weekend and had no material effect on production, a company spokesman said.

A leak was discovered in a process pipe at ExxonMobil, Baton Rouge refinery, the company reported.

Motiva Enterprises said that it is conducting scheduled maintenance at its Norco Manufacturing Complex in Norco. The company declined to say which units were affected. A notice on a parish website said noise and steam related to the work would continue for two days.

ExxonMobil reported that a safety valve relieved during a hydrogen compressor shutdown at its Baytown, Texas, facility, resulting in flaring.

Western Refining said the key gasoline producing fluid catalytic cracking unit at its refinery in El Paso, Texas, had resumed normal operations following a recent restart. The unit was taken out of service, traders doing business in the region said.

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