Hyperion delivers training simulator to Linde for key ethylene project in India

Simulation solutions provider Hyperion delivered Linde an operator training simulator (OTS) for a new ethylene plant in Dahej, India, the company announced on Monday. 

The Linde Group built the turnkey plant for India’s ONGC Petro-additions Ltd. (OPaL), together with consortium partner Samsung Engineering of Korea.

The OPaL Dahej plant will be India’s largest ethylene plant, and the center of a larger petrochemical complex.

Hyperion and OPaL representatives will participate and jointly present the successful delivery of the Dahej ethylene plant OTS system, at the annual International Refining and Petrochemical Conference (IRPC), which will be held on 9-11 July 2013, in New Delhi.

Hyperion’s project scope included the design and delivery of the OTS system for the dual feed cracker unit (DFCU) and associated units (AU) with the Honeywell Experion Control system.

The OTS solution includes a hybrid system for the DCS using emulated controllers and real operator trainee stations. The operator training environment is fully replicated using graphics taken from the actual plant DCS configuration, according to the company.

In this case, Hyperion developed a high-fidelity plant-specific simulator specifically for the Dahej ethylene plant. The process model simulation was developed using DYNSIM dynamic simulation software. 

“This was a large scale project with many challenges due to its magnitude and complexity," said Dr. Karsten Schulze, project manager from Linde’s engineering division. "With Hyperion’s experienced team and their hard work, a world-class simulator has been delivered.”

The OTS allows operators to experience many operating situations in a brief period of training time, before the plant is commissioned. The simulator system represents the best method for conducting supervised training exercises and helps to reduce operational errors.

The use of the OTS is expected to result in maximization of plant availability, increase of plant productivity and improvement of product quality, according to Hyperion officials.

The OTS system has been thoroughly tested by both Linde and OPaL engineers.

“Building high fidelity simulators for ethylene manufacturing is an area where our company has extensive experience and engineering domain expertise; we were delighted to work with The Linde Group and deliver this prestigious project, which will help ensure effective operation of the OPaL Dahej ethylene complex," said Dean R. Jones, executive vice president of Hyperion.

"Hyperion has the skills and expertise to ensure that maximum value can be obtained from customer’s investments in simulation technologies. OPaL now has a valuable tool that can be used to help understand and improve the operation of their plant.”

Further details on the project and on Hyperion's system can be found at the company's website.

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