Chevron expands North American compressor oils

Chevron is expanding its line of Cetus-branded compressor oils across North America, the company said on Wednesday.

Chevron said that Cetus PAO and the rebranded Cetus HiPerSYN (formerly HiPerSYN) have joined Cetus DE to create a family of premium compressor oils formulated for use in a wide range of applications, including portable and stationary rotary screw, rotary vane, and reciprocating compressors.

“We saw the need to create a family of premium compressor oils and evaluated our existing product portfolio to determine the proper path to take,” said Jeff Snyder, industrial brand specialist for Chevron Products Company.

“We have developed our new Cetus PAO product and joined it with the rebranded Cetus HiPerSYN and our original Cetus oil, Cetus DE," he added. This combination of products gives our customers a single family of premium compressor oils that meet their varied needs while helping to extend equipment life and improve operational efficiency.”

Cetus PAO oils are synthetic air compressor lubricants formulated with polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluids. They provide thermal and oxidation stability, high viscosity index, high flash point, low pour point, and hydrolytic stability while protecting against rust, oxidation, foaming.

The oils are designed to meet the requirements of modern higher output, more efficient air compressors, according to the company. These units are more compact and operate at higher speeds than older compressors, resulting in higher temperatures.


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