Total Safety taps Western Refining site in Texas for safety innovation award

Western Refining's 128,000 bpd refinery in El Paso, Texas, is the recipient of Total Safety's safety innovation award for its approach to improving safety within the workplace, officials said on Wednesday.

Western Refining is an independent oil refiner and marketer, headquartered in El Paso. The company operates mostly in the southwestern and western US.

Total Safety, a leading global company with integrated industrial safety services, said it awards its safety innovation award to companies that make incredible and cutting-edge advancements in areas of safety. David Johnson, sales manager of professional and technical services, Total Safety, nominated Western Refining for the award.

"Western Refining's innovative approach to safety is apparent through its use of pilot projects designed to increase worker safety. In this industry, 'change' can be difficult to implement, especially when it comes to safety policies and procedures, but Western Refining actively seeks out ways to improve its safety culture," said Mr. Johnson.

Total Safety's centralized confined space monitoring system (CCSMS), a new technology designed to improve safety within permit-required confined spaces, has been implemented as a pilot project for a number of refineries to increase worker safety. 

The CCSMS utilizes a central control center that continuously identifies workers within permit-required confined spaces; maintains visual contact and a clear line of two-way communication with workers inside and outside the permit space; monitors the atmosphere of the permit space for toxic or dangerous gases; and sounds appropriate alarms if an incident occurs.

More details on the program can be found at Total Safety's website.

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