Europe to cap biofuels in transport fuel mix at 6%


LONDON -- European use of biofuels made from food crops in transport fuel will be limited to 6%, following a Wednesday vote by the European Parliament aimed at assuaging fears that the production of the fuels was pushing up food prices.

European lawmaker Corinne Lepage, who is driving the legislation, confirmed the vote result on her official Twitter account.

The European Parliament passed an amendment to limit the amount of transport fuel such as gasoline and diesel that can be obtained from food and energy crops to 6% of total energy consumed for transport by 2020.

Europe aims to source 10% of transport energy from renewable sources by 2020. The limitations placed on biofuels will mean more pressure placed on the development of alternatives such as re-chargeable electric cars.

In July the Parliament's environment committee voted in favor of similar limits. Now that Parliament has agreed, negotiations with the European Council -- composed of leaders from EU countries -- will take place before the rules are formally adopted.

Biofuels were developed as a cleaner alternative to liquid fuels made from crude oil. But so-called first generation biofuels, made from crops including corn and grains, ran into difficulties because the crops, and the land used to grow them. can also be used for food.

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