Shell reopens trunk line of Trans Niger oil pipeline


IBADAN -- Royal Dutch Shell's Nigerian unit has reopened a trunk line of its Trans Niger pipeline in Nigeria that was shut in July following a leak, the company said.

Precious Okolobo, a Shell spokesman responding to a text message, said the line was reopened on September 8, but gave no further details.

The 24 inch trunk line, which is part of a broader pipeline route that carries 150,000 bopd through the Niger Delta to the Bonny terminal, was shut in July 11, according to Shell.

The company said in a statement that "with the 28 inch TNP already shut in for removal of illegal theft connections, a total of about 150,000 bpd had been deferred." Mr. Okolobo said that the 28 inch section of the TNP is still shut.

The TNP was previously shut down in June following an explosion and fire at a point that had been targeted by oil thieves at Bodo West in the Niger delta. Subsequently, Shell said it re-opened the TNP 24 inch pipeline in the first week of July after it had repaired the point where crude oil theft led to an explosion and removed six crude oil connections where thieves had tapped in.

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