API seeks speedy US approval on LNG exports

Erik Milito, the American Petroleum Institute (API) director of upstream and industry operations, said he welcomed the recent authorization by the Department of Energy for additional exports from Freeport LNG.

As such, he also urged the agency to quickly process the remaining 21 applications. 

“LNG exports will significantly reduce our trade deficit, grow the economy, and support thousands of US jobs," said Milito. "The DOE has every reason to quickly approve these applications, and we’re pleased that they seem to be moving ahead. 

The shale revolution -- sparked by US innovations in hydraulic fracturing -- has positioned America to play a leading role in the global energy trade, and we must work fast to secure a competitive position in the international market," he continued.

"We continue to urge Energy Secretary Moniz to oversee speedy review and approval of the remaining US LNG export permit applications."

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