Jacobs to provide program management at new US nitrogen fertilizer facility

Jacobs Engineering Group was awarded a contract by Midwest Fertilizer to provide program management services for a nitrogen-based fertilizer plant in Posey County, Indiana, the company said on Tuesday.

Officials did not disclose the contract value, but estimate the construction value to be $2.4 billion.

Construction for the new plant is expected to begin in November of 2014 and take three years to complete. Once operational, Midwest Fertilizer plans to manufacture nitrogen-based fertilizers to supply domestic demand. The US is currently the largest importer of nitrogen fertilizer, according to the Department of Agriculture.

"It's exciting to be part of Midwest Fertilizer's expansion into the US market," said Jacobs vice president Chris Nagel. "We look forward to partnering with them on their new facility, the first nitrogenous fertilizer plant to be built in the US in more than 25 years."

Midwest Fertilizer is a multinational corporation of international investors from the US, Europe, and Asia and includes Fatima Group, a global leader in the fertilizer industry headquartered in Pakistan.

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