NOVA begins using Marcellus Shale ethane as feed for Ontario cracker

NOVA Chemicals held a ceremony on Thursday to commemorate the first barrels of ethane sourced from the Marcellus Shale being utilized at its Canadian cracker in Corunna, Ontario.

NOVA began consuming the new feedstock in late December 2013 as part of a project to revamp its Corunna cracker to utilize up to 100% natural gas liquid feedstock.

“The introduction of Marcellus Shale ethane into the feedstock diet at our Corunna cracker marks a tremendous milestone in our journey to utilize more cost-competitive feedstock in Ontario, which should result in stronger and more consistent financial performance for our Ontario-based assets," said NOVA Chemicals CEO Randy Woelfel. 

“This is a critical component to our NOVA 2020 growth strategy of capitalizing on new feedstock sources to meet our current needs and expanding customer demands," he added.

The company says the move is in line with its strategy to ensure the long-term economic viability of its Ontario assets.

“We are excited to be the first petrochemical company to use this emerging feedstock source as we move toward the completion of our cracker revamp and increase the volumes of ethane consumed through the quarter," said Tom Thompson, manufacturing leader for NOVA Chemicals in Sarnia.

"Our cracker revamp coupled with the availability of new, cost-competitive feedstock sources creates a great foundation for our recently announced growth plans in the Sarnia, Ontario region,” he added.

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