BASF, Total start up 10th furnace at Texas cracker

The BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals joint venture (60% BASF, 40% Total) on Tuesday announced the startup of a 10th furnace at its steam cracker facility in Port Arthur, Texas. 

The additional furnace improves feedstock flexibility, enhances plant reliability, and increases annual production capacity of ethylene to more than 1 million metric tons, according to project officials.
“The safe and successful startup of the 10th furnace, along with other optimization measures taken at the steam cracker facility, enhances the joint venture’s competitive position within the petrochemicals industry,” said Heidi Alderman, senior vice president for petrochemicals at BASF. 

“This investment is another example of BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals’ strong commitment to its Port Arthur operations.”
Other optimization measures include a revamp of the steam cracker to process ethane, which was achieved last year.
“These recent investments in the steam cracker allow the plant to produce more than 85% of its ethylene based on cost advantaged feedstocks,” said Philippe Doligez, senior vice president for Total's Americas refining and petrochemicals business. “Along with increased capacity, the new furnace reinforces the availability of the plant.”
About 250 construction jobs were created during the 10th furnace project and more than 250 during the ethane feed project.

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