CB&I to provide technology, design for new China isobutylene facility

CB&I has been awarded a contract by Shandong Chengtai Chemical Industry for the license and engineering design of a grassroots iso-butane dehydrogenation unit to be built in Changyi, Shandong Province, China.

The unit will use the CATOFIN dehydrogenation technology offered from CB&I and Clariant's tailor-made CATOFIN catalyst to process iso-butane feed for the production of 114,000 tpy of isobutylene.

"The CATOFIN technology has been selected for 20 projects in the last five years," said Daniel McCarthy, president of CB&I's technology operating group. "This award is further testament to the success of the CATOFIN technology and catalyst in allowing customers to process various feedstocks at ideal conditions for the highest yields."

Isobutylene will be used as a building block to produce MTBE and other downstream products.

CATOFIN is a registered trademark of Clariant.

"CATOFIN technology is a reliable and well proven technology. The first commercial propane dehydrogenation unit in China was based on CATOFIN technology and has been in successful operation since October 2013," said Stefan Heuser, senior vice president and head of the catalysts business unit at Clariant.

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