Chevron Lummus to aid hydroprocessing on new refinery units in China

CB&I announced Monday that its Chevron Lummus Global joint venture has been awarded a contract valued in excess of $100 million. 

The scope of work includes the license, engineering design package and catalyst supply for three grassroots refinery units to be located in China.  

One unit will utilize LC-MAX residue hydrocracking technology -- the first commercialization for a grassroots unit. Another will utilize ISOCRACKING distillate hydrocracking technology, and the third will utilize VRDS vacuum residue desulfurization technology and UFR upflow reactor technology, all from Chevron Lummus Global.  

"These cutting-edge hydroprocessing technologies will allow the customer to economically maximize the conversion of a variety of heavy crude oil residues into high quality transport fuels and other valuable products," said Daniel McCarthy, president of CB&I's technology operating group.

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