Honeywell automation technology selected for Asian gas pipeline

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) announced that its automation and safety technology has been selected for the third phase of a pipeline project supplying natural gas from Central Asia to China.

Asia Trans Gas selected Honeywell's Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) and Safety Manager technology to manage operations and to help prevent safety problems in a third pipeline to be built as part of the Central Asia–China Gas Pipeline (CACGP) project.

The same Honeywell technology is in use in the first two pipelines of the project, which are already in operation. Asia Trans Gas is a joint venture of China National Petroleum Corp. and Uzbekistan national holding company UzbekNefteGas.

The Experion PKS will be the main integration and control software platform for the 530-km pipeline to give operators a complete view of how the pipeline is functioning. By integrating the Safety Manager software into the overall system, Experion will help improve safety practices such as emergency shutdowns, equipment protection, fire and gas monitoring, and critical control.

"Natural gas from Central Asia plays an important role in providing cleaner energy for China, and we expect demand to grow at 8%/yr," said Li Lin, general manager of Asia Trans Gas.

The third pipeline in the CACGP network, named Line C, will run in parallel with the existing twin pipelines, Lines A and B. The pipelines start in Turkmenistan and cut across Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan before reaching China's western Xinjiang province.

The A and B lines, which were completed in 2009, also use Honeywell's Experion PKS and Safety Manager. The existing main control center, which controls lines A and B, will be upgraded and become the control center for all three lines, leveraging Honeywell's Distributed System Architecture.

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