Europe’s petrochemical group launches new brand

Petrochemicals Europe is the new brand name for the Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe (APPE).

The renaming of the industry association reflects the current and future direction of this group. Petrochemicals Europe continues to operate under the Cefic umbrella and the Brussels-based European Chemical Industry Council.

“Our vision is to be recognized as part of the foundation of future economic success in Europe, fuelling innovation, manufacturing, and employment.” said Dorothee Arns, executive director of the Cefic petrochemistry and plastic additives sector and Petrochemicals Europe. “The Petrochemicals Europe name fits perfectly with the role the industry plays across Europe and will certainly help us raising our profile in a time of increasing challenges for our industry.”

Petrochemicals help drive Europe’s economic success. With sales of €155 billion in 2012 to the overall EU economy, petrochemicals provide essential building blocks for thousands of products produced by diverse industries from televisions to insulation materials, from windmill blades to durable packaging and modern sports equipment. 

This is achieved by a workforce of more than 300,000 people, a figure multiplied many times over due to knock-on effects created in user industries.

A new brand identity has been created, which represents in an attractive and colorful way the link between petrochemicals and chemicals. The identity now also appears on, the dedicated website of the European petrochemicals producers that attracts over 50,000 visitors a year. The website’s most popular section, the recently -pdated petrochemicals flowchart, gives website visitors the opportunity to discover petrochemicals’ added value in society.

Voice of the industry

Petrochemicals Europe is the voice of petrochemicals producers in Europe and brings together about 90 members companies manufacturing ethylene and propylene. Petrochemicals Europe advocates for conditions that will allow the industry to operate successfully in a highly-competitive global environment, whilst raising awareness of their contribution to the European economy, which provides essential raw materials for thousands of products produced by diverse industries, driving innovation and creating employment.

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