Saras shuts down catalytic reforming unit at refinery for failure

(Reuters) -- Italian refiner Saras said that due to a failure, it was necessary to shutdown one of the two catalytic reforming units of the Sarroch refinery (the CCR unit), which produces high-octane gasoline blending components, as well as hydrogen to be used in the desulphurisation processes.

The shutdown is expected to last approximately 15 days, with an estimated economic impact of about 25 million euros, deriving from reduced production of gasoline and gasoils, maintenance costs to repair the unit, and also potential limitations in the capability to achieve normalized levels of products’ inventories at the end of the year.

Saras stated in a press release that the failure has been managed safely, in full compliance with the Group’s HSE procedures, and it did not cause any injury nor any environmental impact.

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