ClearSign Texas refinery project successfully concludes operational testing

SEATTLE — ClearSign Combustion Corporation, a leading of industrial combustion technologies that deliver unmatched reduction of pollutant emissions while improving operational costs, announced that it had successfully completed the first installation of the Duplex Plug and Play, for industrial process heaters at a refinery in Texas.

Unlike traditional burners, the company stated in a press release, Plug and Play uses patented Duplex technology to enhance the combustion process ensuring best available, ultra-low emissions while enhancing operational efficiency by increasing the mean time between heater maintenance cycles that require furnace shutdowns.

The six-burner test heater was chosen by the Texas refinery to demonstrate the Plug & Play's ability to control flame impingement and improve emission performance. Starting with one burner, and incrementally adding subsequent burners as the customer's maintenance schedule allows, the first installation of Plug & Play has achieved the project goals.

ClearSign is coordinating the subsequent roll out of the follow-on order to conform with the refinery's maintenance schedule and expects to finish the project by years' end.

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