New project for AXION Energy in Argentina

The project involves the Detail Engineering for the expansion of the Catalytic Cracking Unit at the refinery that Techint E&C has in Campana.

Photo courtesy of Techint E&C.
Photo courtesy of Techint E&C.

In July, AXION Energy signed a contract with Techint E&C to expand the Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) in its Campana’s Refinery, in the province of Buenos Aires.

The objective of the project is to increase the capacity of heavy diesel processing of the FCCU, from 28 Mbpd to 31 Mbpd. To do this, some parts of the Unit will have to be replaced (such as the towers, heat exchangers and pumps), as well as the piping and instrumentation. In addition, the existing structures shall be checked and, eventually, modified.

Techint will have to develop the Detail Engineering in 6 mos. for Axion to be able to deal with the purchase of equipment and move forward with the modifications and installation works, which should be concluded by September 2018, when the plant is expected to shut down.

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