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Yeh, G. J.

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

is a registered professional engineer in the state of Louisiana with 26 years of experience in oil refining, catalyst manufacturing and within the research and development environment. Dr. Yeh is currently working as an engineering specialist in the Process & Control Systems department of Saudi Aramco in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, supporting areas that include catalyst and adsorbent selection, hydrogen plant, hydroprocessing and naphtha reforming. He holds a BS degree in chemical engineering and an ME degree and PhD in chemical and fuels engineering.

Test run with sales gas feed in a traditional H2 plant

Saudi Aramco: Yeh, G. J.  |  Al-Malki, M. A.

A conventional hydrogen (H2) plant in a Middle Eastern refinery was designed to produce 75,000 normal cubed meters per hour (Mnm3/hr) of H2 product with 95% purity with plat offgas feed (platformer offgas mixed with hydrocracker offgas).

Case history: Troubleshooting a leaking valve in a hydrogen unit

A Middle East refinery installed a hydrogen plant that was designed to produce 20,000 Nm3/hr of pure hydrogen (H2) to support a diesel hydrotreater. The unit was commissioned in 2006. This H2 plant wa..

Recover from a steam reformer tube rupture

Saudi Aramco: Yeh, G. J.  |  Griman, J.  |  Najrani, M.

Most operational problems in the hydrogen plant occur at the steam reformer. The steam reformer is typically operated at high temperatures (810°C process gas) and high pressures (20 atmg) to maxi..

Troubleshooting waste-heat boiler poor heat transfer

Saudi Aramco: Yeh, G. J.  |  Al-Babtain, I.  |  Al-Zahrani, S.
PetroRabigh: Al-Ghanemi, N.

Analytical results showed that potash leached from the catalyst, refractory powder, corrosion products and, to a lesser extent, catalyst fines resulted in tube fouling

Improve usage of regenerated refining catalysts

Saudi Aramco: Yeh, G. J.

Common-sense guidelines detail when it is beneficial to reuse catalysts

Increase product value through process modeling

KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.: Chukman, G.  |  Goodrich, R.
Saudi Aramco: Yeh, G. J.

Using a rigorous refinery-wide simulation, a refiner moved more low-value products into value-added end products

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