Acid Gas Removal

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Siemens expands anaerobic- digestion product offeringSiemens Water Technologies has acquired the JetMix hydraulic mixing system from Liquid Dynamics Corp. This proprietary system agitates sludge withi..

When is CO2 more hazardous than H2S

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Data shows potential harmful effects to workers due to acid gas exposure

Advanced chemical process for treating sour gas

Technology avoids huge capital investments while speeding up results

Consider different alternatives for enriching lean acid gases

ZareNezhad, B., Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Semnan University

New developments improve operation of Claus sulfur recovery units

What are the strategies for sustainable chemical production?

Nair, M. P. Sukumaran, Special Secretary to Government of Kerala, and Chairman, Chemical Engineering Division Board of the Institution of Engineers

New environmental challenges require a new way of thinking by the hydrocarbon processing industry

Safe detection of small to large gas releases

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Look at these advantages in using ultrasonic leak detectors

Going ‘green’ with FCC expander technology

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New options recover waste gas energy as steam and electricity for plant use

Best practices in treating liquefied petroleum gas are defined

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Advantages of removing H2S before the LPG unit and energy optimization of the LPG splitter

Convert waste heat into eco-friendly energy

New developments, such as the organic Rankine cycle, help operations go ‘green’

Implementing advanced process control on ammonia plants

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Benefits exceeding the guarantee were realized through APC by simultaneously stabilizing and optimizing the plant in the presence of significant feed density variations that impact the entire plant operation