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Kuwait's KIPIC has sufficient stocks despite al-Zour shutdown

Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company has sufficient stocks of diesel, naphtha, kerosene and fuel oil to meet obligations to local and foreign customers despite an almost complete shutdown of the al-Zour refinery.

Digital Feature: Achieve Water Authority Compliance with Automated Wastewater Treatment for Industrial Facilities with Cooling Towers

U.S. industrial facilities with cooling towers must meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local wastewater requirements for effluent, including those under the Clean Water Act. Failing to do so can result in severe fines that quickly escalate.

Digital Feature: The Impact of AI on Industry

Hydrocarbon Processing had the opportunity to speak with Hiroshi Tanoguchi, Vice President and Head of the Yokogawa Products Headquarters, Yokogawa Electric Corp., about the company’s autonomous control artificial intelligence, how this was applied in a project with ENEOS Materials, and how safety is ensured in plant operations.

Rolls-Royce successfully completes 100% SAF test program

Rolls-Royce announced that it has successfully completed compatibility testing of 100% SAF on all its in-production civil aero engine types.

Safir Petchem Project set to launch by the end of 2023

The Managing Director of the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company, Abdul Ali Ali Asgari, has announced that the "Safir Petrochemical Project" is on the verge of commencing its operations in the near future.

A lifecycle assessment on chemically recycling plastics: A conversation with Neste’s Maiju Helin

Hydrocarbon Processing spoke with Maiju Helin, Head of Sustainability and Regulatory Transformation Renewable Polymers and Chemicals, Neste, regarding Neste’s lifecycle assessment report on chemically recycling waste plastic, including insights on the LCA study, the primary conclusions obtained from the report, the current state of Neste’s Project PULSE and the company’s future plans for waste plastic recycling.

API Releases Standard for the Inspection and Assessment of Refractory Linings

The American Petroleum Institute is pleased to announce the publication of Recommended Practice (RP) 982, Inspection and Assessment of Refractory Linings.

Identify anomalies among base prover volumes of bidirectional prover

Saudi Aramco: Bhatasana, C. N.

It is important to accurately measure hydrocarbon commodities transferred through pipelines or marine terminals at the point where ownership of the commodity is transferred.

Sample high-viscosity fluids safely in refinery settings

Swagelok: Dixon, M.

In a modern refinery setting, production processes are expected to be streamlined to maximize value from beginning to end.

Reaction control for hydrotreatment of bio-based oils in renewable diesel production

Emerson: Degnan, E

Over the past few years, the carbon footprint of the transportation industry has drawn attention as an area where much can be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.