2011 Refining Processes Handbook

Hydrocarbon Processing’s 2011 Refining Processes Handbook reflects the dynamic advancements now available in licensed process technologies, catalysts and equipment. The refining industry continues to apply energy-conserving, environmentally friendly, cost-effective solutions to produce products clean fuels and improve the quality of everyday life.

The global refining industry is innovative—putting knowledge into action to create new products to that service the needs of current and future markets. For over 50 years, the Refining Processes Handbook has been the inclusive reference of major refining process technologies—established and new.  Specific processing operations addressed include coking, hydrotreating, hydrocracking, fluid catalytic cracking, resid catalytic cracking, alkylation, catalytic reforming, ethers and more.  Hydrocarbon Processing will release its latest edition of the Refining Processes Handbook in August 2011.

Hydrocarbon Processing editors are accepting new process technology license descriptions. For more information on submitting process information for the 2011 handbook, send contact information to HPeditorial@gulfpub.com.

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