HUG ’17: Honeywell connects processes, assets and people

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) presented in depth their “Connected Plant” strategy and offerings during the second day of the Honeywell Users Group Meeting 2017.  Key to differentiating this solution suite is how their branding covers three domains: Connected Process … Connected Assets … Connected People.”

“Connected Process” enables disparate data across an enterprise with cyber-secured data streams. The cloud-hosted solution contains a digital twin of processes and assets. For units that have UOP processes, Honeywell process specialists create real-time tools based on the design and historian plant data. OEM partners similarly provide equipment asset models to manage the availability of “Connected Assets.” Analytics-based insight is available across the enterprise to users. The “Connected People” dimension involves reworking workflows, enabling notifications for escalating process or asset problems before they became critical. The people dimension has resulted in Honeywell developing competence management measures. They are using “Virtual Reality” as a training means, starting with their own technical support staff and are also available to customers.

In addition to the initial configuration build by UOP for the processes, the solution also supports creating modeling heuristics from Advanced Process Control. Under the “Connected Plant” umbrella framework is several smart advisory systems. Two are from UOP—Process Optimization Advisor and Process Reliability Advisor. The company is steadily adding more templates within these systems. Other advisor tools are under a Honeywell process systems umbrella—these include real-time predictive corrosion analytics, alarm and operations management, blending and movements, profit control and optimization, tools supporting competency and design.

Within the Experion control systems family, HPS are offering migration services, trace of changes, risk and safety management, virtual PLC, integrated fire and safety solutions and managed cybersecurity.

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