Update on Lignol and Novozymes cellulosic ethanol project

Lignol Innovations Ltd. has recently completed a major body of work with Novozymes in producing cellulosic ethanol at Lignol's pilot-scale biorefinery in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Lignol and Novozymes had previously announced a joint research and development agreement to make biofuel from wood chips and forestry waste with the aim of producing biofuel (cellulosic ethanol) at production costs competitive with gasoline and corn ethanol. The first phase of the project, which included producing cellulosic ethanol from hardwood at Lignol's pilot-scale biorefinery, has been successfully completed. These joint efforts have resulted in the achievement of interim targets, establishing baseline production costs for the next phase of the project which will focus on enzyme and substrate optimization with the objective of achieving the overall cost reduction targets.

"The achievement of this operational milestone with Novozymes is an important accomplishment and puts us one step closer to meeting our operating cost targets for a commercial biorefinery," said Ross MacLachlan, CEO of Lignol. "Over the coming months we will continue to work closely with Novozymes with the objective of further reducing the cost of producing cellulosic ethanol from hardwoods and laying the foundation for large scale commercial deployment.”

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