Malaysian engineers seek technical forums - poll

A recent survey of Malaysia based chemical engineers showed a strong demand for additional technical activities in the country.

The poll, conducted by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), was commissioned to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of the Malaysian chemical and process engineering community, the group said.

IChemE is the global professional membership organisation for chemical and process engineers.

In 2011, IChemE’s Malaysian membership grew by 49%. As a result, the Institution said it surveyed members based in this area to ascertain expectations for technical communities in the region.

Ten percent of IChemE’s membership in the country took part in the consultation and respondents were asked to select the subject areas of most interest to them.

Oil and natural gas (SONG) was the winner, followed by environment, safety and loss prevention, energy conversion technology, and process management and control.

One-day seminars, site visits and online presentations or ‘webinars’ came out as the most popular formats of delivery for events.

Not only did the survey shed light on the areas of most interest to Malaysia based chemical engineers, it also unearthed around 100 willing volunteers to help facilitate the meetings.

Johan Samad, chair of IChemE in Malaysia, said: "Thanks to everyone who took part in the survey, and particularly those people who volunteered to assist with organising new subject group activities in Malaysia. We’ll be following up on their generous offers of help.

For more information on IChemE activities in Malaysia, click here.

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