Exxon Louisiana pipeline remains shut after oil spill


HOUSTON -- ExxonMobil said Wednesday that the North Line crude pipeline in Louisiana remains shut down after an oil spill occurred over the weekend and that cleanup operations continue.

Exxon Mobil "continues cleanup operations following the containment of an oil release near Torbert, La.," a company spokeswoman said. "Our primary focus is to ensure a successful cleanup and minimize any environmental impact. The North Line remains shut."

Exxon said the cause of the spill is still under investigation.

The pipeline was shut down after Exxon detected a loss of pressure on Saturday night. An estimated 1,900 bbl of oil from the North Line crude pipeline was contained in the immediate vicinity of the spill, and there were no injuries reported, Exxon said.

The cleanup started Sunday, using vacuum trucks to collect the oil.

The North Line originates in St. James, La., and transports oil to the northern part of the state.

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