FMC launches environmental solutions business

FMC Corp. on Wednesday launched FMC Environmental Solutions, a new division that integrates the company's portfolio of proprietary products and specialty solutions that prevent or remediate contamination of air, soil and water.

The announcement marks an increased focus and investment in the growing multi-billion dollar global market for cost-sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions in remediation and pollution prevention, according to FMC.

"Today's announcement further strengthens our commitment to give customers better answers for their most pressing environmental issues," said Mark Douglas, president of FMC Industrial Chemicals.

"With a unified global platform of products and a proven track record across five continents, we are in a better position to help customers tackle the critical issues of cost and compliance, head on."

FMC Environmental Solutions features three business units.

The first, air pollution control, serves the power utility and manufacturing industries. Its solutions focus on hydrogen peroxide for the removal of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) from air or flue gas; and the removal of acid gases and the use of trona and sodium bicarbonate in dry sorbent injection through FMC's joint venture, Natronx.

Meanwhile, the soil and groundwater remediation business unit develops and markets unique, fast-acting chemistries for remediation of normal and halogenated organics and metals, the company says. Its solutions treat the full spectrum of source, plume and groundwater issues.

Water treatment, the division's third business unit, integrates FMC's chemistries from its Peroxygens business that offer municipal wastewater facilities a more environmentally benign alternative to traditional chlorine technology. Its solutions will also focus on water treatment in the oil and gas exploration market offering chemistries that neutralize sulfur-reducing bacteria, the company says.

The division will immediately integrate and leverage its core products, research and technical innovation, application knowledge, and global relationships across the air, soil and water markets.

Longer term, FMC Environmental Solutions hopes to increase the company's speed-to-market and access to resources in the US and in developing economies worldwide.

"We are a unique kind of participant in the environmental space," said Amy O'Shea, division manager of FMC Environmental Solutions. "Our century-old reputation in responsible practices, combined with our extensive experience in helping clients around the world, gives us a deeper understanding of the key issues our customers face every day."

FMC said it identified the development of an environmental platform as a strategic growth opportunity for its industrial chemicals group.

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