EPA amends US clean air rules for refinery flares


WASHINGTON -- The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday changed its air-pollution standards for certain pieces of refinery equipment, saying the changes will save oil refiners $80 million a year and provide greater compliance flexibility.

The amendments focus on air pollution from flares, which are used to burn off waste gases from the refining process, and process heaters that heat process fluids.

The EPA undertook an effort to amend the standards, finalized in 2008, after receiving petitions from outside groups to review the requirements. 

A refining industry group said Friday's amendments are "certainly more balanced" than the previous proposal, but that the EPA did not go far enough in reducing costs.

"This final rule will not "dramatically save" but rather cost the industry significant amounts each year, adding to the billions already paid by industry," said David Friedman, vice president for the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM).

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Editor’s note: For more specific details on the changes, visit the EPA’s news release by clicking here.

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