HallStar buys Dow Chemical plasticizer product line

The HallStar Co. said Monday that it acquired the TP-series product line of specialty plasticizers from Dow Chemical.

The deal incorporates both the trade names and proprietary manufacturing technology of the globally established TP-series brand of plasticizers, which includes TP-90B, TP-759 and TP-95.

The purchase provides HallStar with a broader range of ester technology principally used in rubber modification.

"The TP trade name is known worldwide as an integral part of polymer formulations and will significantly expand the types of plasticizer-based solutions we can provide to our customers," said Louis Pace, executive vice president of HallStar.

"Acquiring the TP-series product line broadens our global footprint and strengthens our portfolio of recognized plasticizer brands.”

Financial details were not disclosed.

There will be no changes in the production location of the newly-acquired product line, according to HallStar, thus facilitating an easy transition and eliminating any re-approval issues for customers.

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