Protesters occupy Gazprom Arctic oil platform

UPDATE:  Fifteen hours after boarding Gazprom's Arctic oil platform in the Pechora Sea, six Greenpeace International protesters have left the platform. Their exit was accelerated by Gazprom’s less than warm reception to the uninvited visit. 

Gazprom workers, in response to the Greenpeace incursion, began firing cold blasts of water at the occupiers. This tactic proved effective, and the protesters left the platform. 

Gazprom officials said in a statement that normal operations continue on the platform and were not interrupted by the protest.   

Original news item:
This morning, a group of Greenpeace International activists boarded Gazprom's Prirazlomnaya Arctic oil platform to protest the company’s drilling plans for the region.

The protestors scaled the platform via mooring lines. Six of them have taken up positions on the structure and have interrupted the platform's operations. Greenpeace says the activists are out of reach and have enough supplies to last them for several days.

Gazprom plans to begin full commercial drilling operations on Prirazlomnaya by early next year, becoming the first company to launch commercial oil production in the offshore Arctic.

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