Petronas to license Jacobs technology for Malaysia sulfur recovery project

Jacobs Engineering Group on Tuesday received a contract from Malaysian state-owned oil company Petronas to develop a basic engineering package for three sulfur recovery units (SRUs).

The contract value was not disclosed. Officials said the basic engineering services would be provided from Jacobs’ Leiden office in The Netherlands.

For the project, Jacobs is licensing its SUPERCLAUS technology. Jacobs introduced the SUPERCLAUS technology in 1985, and now has over 200 licensed units in operation worldwide.

The technology offers a number of highly-valued performance features in areas such as reliability, sulfur recovery levels, sulfur emissions reduction and simple continuous operation, according to the company.

Petronas’ new, three-train sulfur plant is part of the refinery and petrochemical integrated development (RAPID) project site in the state of Johor, Malaysia.

Through RAPID, Petronas is establishing an optimally configured, integrated complex that focuses on production of high, value-added petrochemicals.

This involves building a refinery to supply naphtha and to produce gasoline and diesel that meet European clean fuels specifications.

The petrochemical complex is designed and developed to produce ethylene and olefins that are used in downstream plants to produce petrochemical derivatives.

“We are very pleased to work again with Petronas and to provide our technology in support of its goals for long-term growth,” said Jacobs vice president Robert Matha.

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