KBR named engineering partner by CRI for catalytic thermochemical technology

KBR was selected by Houston-based CRI Catalyst Co. as the preferred engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) partner supporting the licensed design of IH2 technology for commercial-scale facilities, the companies confirmed on Friday.

Commercial-scale facilities are defined as having greater than 330-tons/day dry biomass feed rates, according to KBR officials.

Under the terms of the contract, KBR will provide basic engineering services for broad, full-scale commercial deployment of IH2 units. IH2 technology is a cost-effective catalytic thermo-chemical process to produce liquid transportation fuels from renewable resources.

The process converts cellulosic biomass directly to fungible hydrocarbon fuels and blend stocks using proprietary technology developed by the Gas Technology Institute and proprietary catalysts developed by CRI.

The process is designed to have low environmental impact.

“KBR is pleased to support CRI in their efforts for IH2 Technology commercialization,” said David Zelinski, president of the downstream business for KBR.

“Our experience with the proven technology components of an IH2 technology processing facility will serve to meet the rapid implementation timelines of CRI’s IH2 Technology licensors.”

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