UOP unveils advanced membrane element to boost gas processing capacity

Honeywell's UOP on Tuesday unveiled a new, advanced membrane element designed to increase natural gas processing capacity relative to existing technology, allowing producers to capture higher revenue and reduce costs.

The UOP Separex Flux+ is a drop-in replacement for the membrane elements in existing Separex membrane systems, according to the company.

Separex Flux+ increases the removal of contaminants, such as acid gas and water, which must be removed before natural gas can be transported by pipeline for commercial use.

"UOP is focused on developing technologies that help natural gas producers maximize their output at minimal cost," said Rebecca Liebert, vice president and general manager of UOP's gas processing and hydrogen business.

"UOP's new Separex Flux+ membrane element increases gas processing capacity over existing technology, translating to increased revenue and reduced operating costs for natural gas producers," she added.

In addition to increasing the amount of gas that can be processed in the system, the membrane element removes more carbon dioxide per unit membrane area than existing membrane products, the company says. This helps debottleneck downstream processing units, lowering overall operating costs for gas producers.

Designed to a compact footprint, the units can be installed on-shore or off-shore, require little to no utilities, and provide for very short start-up times and high turndown capabilities.

Separex membranes eliminate the need for solvents, making the technology particularly desirable in remote locations where logistics make supply transportation to the site difficult, according to company officials.

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