EU takes Poland, Cyprus to court for not enforcing renewable energy rules


BRUSSELS -- The European Union's executive body said Thursday it is taking Poland and Cyprus to court for failing to introduce new laws on EU renewable energy rules central to the bloc's climate and energy policy.

"The European Commission is referring Poland and Cyprus to the Court of Justice of the European Union for failing to transpose" the legislation, the commission said in a statement.

The commission also proposed fines for the infringement -- 133,228.80 euros per day ($171,953) for Poland, 11,404.80 euros daily for Cyprus.

"The penalties proposed take into account the duration and the gravity of the infringement," it said.

The law in question is one of the three key pillars of the EU's high-profile climate and energy policy to 2020. According to the law, 20% of the energy used in the EU in 2020 must come from renewable sources, with each country having specific targets.

Member countries agreed to the rules more than five years ago and are required to pass laws and implement the policy.

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