CF halts production at Alberta nitrogen plant amid concerns of flooding

CF Industries has conducted an orderly shutdown of its nitrogen complex in Medicine Hat, Alberta, in advance of flooding along the South Saskatchewan River, the company confirmed on Monday.

The site on which the complex itself is located is approximately 200 feet above the normal river level.

However, the pump house containing equipment used to draw river water for plant operations is near the river bank and within the area impacted by high water levels. Regional officials have reported that the river is expected to crest sometime Monday.

"In anticipation of flooding in the Medicine Hat area, we brought the plant down safely and have taken measures to protect the equipment in the pump house," said Tony Will, CF Industries senior vice president of manufacturing and distribution. "We are in contact with our customers and will let them know when we expect to resume production and deliveries from this facility.

"We are, of course, concerned with the well-being of our employees, their families and the Medicine Hat community as they deal with the high water."

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