KBR to install de-asphalting technology at Total refinery near Antwerp

KBR was selected by Total to utilize its ROSE solvent de-asphalting technology for use at Total's Antwerp refinery in Belgium, the companies said on Tuesday.

The ROSE unit is expected to significantly enhance the profitability of the refinery and is expected to come on stream in early 2016, according to company officials.

The ROSE technology will split 48,000 bpd of residue from a mix of crude oils into deasphalted oil (DAO) and asphaltene. The DAO will be upgraded in a mild hydrocracking unit and the asphaltene will be blended into fuel oil.

“We are pleased that KBR’s world-leading ROSE technology was selected by Total for this major project,” said John Derbyshire, president of KBR Technology.

“We understand the importance of this project to Total and are confident that the project will enable Total to achieve its business objectives," he added.

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