Celanese, PetroChina to collaborate in China on synthetic fuel ethanol

US-based chemicals company Celanese has entered into a memorandum of understanding to advance the development of synthetic fuel ethanol with PetroChina, the companies confirmed on Wednesday.

Under this arrangement, the two companies will collaborate to jointly develop synthetic fuel ethanol opportunities in China utilizing Celanese’s proprietary TCX ethanol process technology.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with PetroChina to explore the growing fuel ethanol market in China and look forward to working closely with all stakeholders in China to bring to bear the benefits of Celanese TCX technology,” said Jay Townsend, senior vice president at Celanese for business strategy, development and procurement.

“We are confident that the advantages of ethanol produced from TCX will help facilitate improvements in fuel and air quality, control pollutants and to develop new sources of clean liquid transportation fuel utilizing China’s abundant local resources," he added.

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