CNOOC picks CB&I technologies to expand refinery, petrochemical complex

Four CB&I technologies were selected by China's CNOOC Oil & Petrochemicals Co. the second expansion phase of their refinery and petrochemical complex at Huizhou in Guangdong Province.

This award includes the first license in China of CB&I’s recently acquired E-Gas gasification technology. The E-Gas gasification technology can be used to generate clean synthesis gas from coal and petroleum coke for use in power generation, hydrogen and steam for refineries, and a range of products from fertilizer to methanol to synthetic natural gas (SNG) in the coal-to-chemical industry.

CB&I’s scope of work includes the license and process engineering design of the Lummus olefins conversion technology (OCT) for the production of 250,000 tpy of propylene and the CDHDS+ hydrodesulfurization technology for the processing of 2.4 million tpy of FCC gasoline to produce 10 ppm ultra-low sulfur gasoline.

The award also involves CB&I's E-Gas technology for the gasification of 1.7 million tpy of coal to produce syngas for hydrogen and chemicals production at the refinery, as well as the vacuum residuum desulfurization technology (VRDS) from Chevron Lummus Global for the processing of 3.7 million tpy of vacuum residue.

Financial terms were not disclosed in Friday's announcement.

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