Pemex to build Mexico’s first solidifying sulfur plant

MEXICO CITY -- The PMI Trading arm of Pemex will build the first solidifying sulfur plant in Mexico, the company announced on Wednesday, seeking to ensure the movement of sulfur from different refineries and gas processing complexes in the country

The new plant will be located in the Port Authority of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, with a processing capacity of 360,000 tpy and over $38 million in investment.

Pemex CEO Emilio Lozoya Austin said the project reflects his company's willingness to collaborate on the development of joint projects, thereby finding a more efficient and cost effective use of resources to expand infrastructure.

The long-term trade agreement reached between the PMI Trading subsidiary and Pemex Gas states that the latter contributes nearly 40% of its production of liquid sulfur to be solidified. 

That allows PMI, as an international marketer of sulfur, to participate in other markets such as China, India, Brazil and Mediterranean countries -- which consume solid sulfur.

This project is of high strategic importance for PEMEX, according to company officials, who are projecting their sulfur production to grow by over 50% due to clean fuel projects.

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