US approves Primus Green Energy patent for gas-to-liquids technology

Primus Green Energy announced that the company's patent application covering its STG+ liquid fuel synthesis technology has been allowed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

STG+ produces high-quality, cost effective, drop-in liquid transportation fuels such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel directly from syngas derived from natural gas and other carbon rich feedstock in a single loop process. 

Primus says it is well positioned to capitalize on favorable gas to liquids (GTL) industry fundamentals, including the low cost of natural gas, through its STG+ technology.

"STG+ is a new, proprietary thermo-chemical GTL process that fundamentally transforms the efficiency and economics of liquid fuel synthesis technologies," said Robert Johnsen, CEO of Primus Green Energy. 

"The allowance of this patent application validates the novelty of the technology we have developed and proven at scale in our research facilities and commercial demonstration plant here in Hillsborough. Further, it greatly strengthens our intellectual property portfolio, an important step as we look toward construction of our first commercial GTL plant."

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