Chevron Phillips expands Belgium mercaptan plant

Chevron Phillips Chemical (CPChem) is expanding its Tessenderlo facility in Belgium, the company announced on Friday. 

The expansion includes an on-purpose hydrogen sulfide (H2S) unit and additional sulfur-based products capacity to better serve customers and meet their growing demands, according to CPChem officials.

Construction is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2014. In preparation for the upgrade, the Tessenderlo plant added a new control room in September 2013.

The expansion will allow Chevron Phillips Chemical to better serve its worldwide customer portfolio, according to company officials, as the demand for synthetic rubbers and plastics increases. Production capacity at the site will increase by more than 40% as a result of this expansion.

“Demand for organosulfur products is expected to continue to grow, particularly for those materials used as chain transfer agents like tertiary dodecyl mercaptan or TDM,” said Peter Bastemeijer, product line manager for specialty chemicals in Europe. “Chevron Phillips Chemical is increasing capacity in order to respond to customer needs throughout the world, especially in Europe and Asia.”

The Tessenderlo facility produces chemical intermediates, including mercaptans, sulfides, polysulfides and Scentinel gas odorants that are used in agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, modifiers in rubber and plastics and the odorization of propane and natural gas. 

Chevron Phillips Chemical also produces a similar line of products at its facility in Borger, Texas.

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