Metso to supply valve technology for China heavy crude processing site

Metso has won a second major order for advanced valve technology from Sino-Venezuela Guangdong Petrochemical Company for its 20 million tpy heavy crude oil processing project in China, officials announced on Thursday.

The new delivery includes large Neles valves for the delayed coking process, which is one of the demanding subprocesses in oil refining. This process sets especially high requirements for valve reliability and tightness. 

Metso says it holds a strong position as a technology supplier for the delayed coking process especially in North America. China is the world's second largest valve market with significant growth potential. 

"The Guangdong petrochemical refinery project is the largest oil refinery project in China in terms of processing capability from," said Hangpheng Tan, vice president of flow control sales and services for Metso's automation business in China. "The follow-up order strengthens Metso's position as one of the leading suppliers for the oil and gas industry in the world."

The deliveries will take place during the second quarter of 2015. Last October, Metso announced an order for over 4,000 intelligent Neles valve controllers for the same refinery project. 

Metso's valve technology decreases life-cycle costs 

The delivery to the Guangdong project includes four-way valves and tower bottom feeding valves. The largest of them are 400 mm in size and can work under Pressure Class 900. 

Metso says its technology ensures long-lasting tightness in the highly challenging process. In turn, the significantly longer lifetime of valves lowers their life-cycle costs and extends overhaul intervals at large refineries. 

The Sino-Venezuela Guangdong Petrochemical Company oil refinery project 

The Sino-Venezuela Guangdong Petrochemical Company oil refinery project, with a 5 km2 footprint, is located in the Jieyang Nandahai Petrochemical Industrial Zone in Guangdong province. It is the largest oil refinery project in China in terms of processing capability. 

Once completed, the complex will process 20 million tpy of heavy crude oil with 29 processing units, have a 300,000-ton crude oil terminal and a 30,000- to 50,000-ton product terminal. 

Total project investment amounts to 58.6 billion yuan ($9.54 billion) with PetroChina a 60% stakeholder and Petróleos de Venezuela S.A., or PdVSA, of Venezuela holding a 40% stake. 

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