BASF, Linde eye on-purpose butadiene technology

The Linde Group and BASF intend to cooperate in developing and licensing processes for the on-purpose production of linear butenes and butadiene.  

BASF has developed process technology and catalysts as well as the extraction technologies, while Linde is providing its expertise for the integration, optimization and commercialization of the process.

“We focus on elaborating a solution that provides an efficient process characterized by optimal integration of the whole process chain,” said Dr. Ernst Haidegger, head of product line petrochemical plants in Linde’s engineering division. “This new technology is a welcome addition to our existing portfolio of petrochemical technologies.”

The new process will deliver an on purpose route from butane to butadiene via butenes. Currently, the industry relies mainly on butadiene as a co-product from napht,ha cracking to ethylene. The shift to lighter cracker feedstock results in reduced volumes of co-products. Therefore the on purpose production of higher olefins is gaining more and more importance.

“The new BASF technology is currently being developed by mini plant and pilot plant operation in Ludwigshafen”, said Dr. Heinrich Josef Blankertz, senior vice president of global technology within BASF’s petrochemicals division. “We are optimistic that we can offer a new best in class technology for the manufacturing of on purpose butadiene to help producers meet the increasing global demand.”

Butadiene is a monomer used for the production of polymers, paper coating and synthetic rubber mainly for the tire production. Butenes are building blocks which are used in the chemical and in refining industries.

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