CB&I to license technology in China for production of propylene, butenes

CB&I was awarded a contract by Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co. for the license and engineering design of a grassroots petrochemicals complex to be built in Lingwu, China, the company announced on Tuesday.

The complex will use CB&I's proprietary Olefins Conversion Technology (OCT) to produce 196,000 tpy of polymer-grade propylene and its Comonomer Production Technology (CPT) to produce and recover 20,000 tpy of comonomer-grade 1-butene. 

The complex at Shenhua Ningxia will also use the latest CDHydro selective hydrogenation technology from CB&I, which allows the incorporation of different feed from the adjoining steam cracker into the downstream OCT unit.  

Additionally, CDIsis technology from CB&I will provide the conversion of isobutene into normal butenes, which increases the potential polymer-grade propylene available from the steam cracker C4s.  

"Our Olefins Conversion Technology is the most widely used pathway for on-purpose polymer-grade propylene in the world," said Daniel McCarthy, president of CB&I's technology operating group. 

"This project further demonstrates CB&I's capability to integrate our broad technology portfolio to meet our customers' needs."

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