New from NACE International: Preferential Weld Corrosion of Carbon Steels

NACE International has added a new publication to its collection of corrosion resources. The new book, Preferential Weld Corrosion of Carbon Steels addresses the detection, assessment and control of preferential weld corrosion (PWC) of carbon steels. An essential resource for asset integrity specialists, engineers responsible for risk management, plant operators and facilities engineers in the oil and gas and chemical process industries, this book offers clear guidance on how to manage PWC in both new projects and maturing assets. 

In the oil and gas industry, PWC has caused unplanned shutdowns and the premature retirement of assets in wet gas and seawater injection systems. The book includes detailed case histories describing PWC and its mitigation in seawater pipelines, cooling water systems, wet gas piping, heat exchangers and related process equipment. Monographs published during the past 60 years or also are cited in the text.

The book includes several color photographs and diagrams throughout its pages, along with eight case studies illustrating real-life situations of PWC and the steps that were taken to address the corrosion.
Authors Dale McIntyre and Mohsen Achour draw on their decades of experience in the corrosion control industry to provide suggestions and potential strategies for applying this information. The fundamental process of managing internal corrosion consists of threat assessment, mitigation selection and implementation, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of mitigation. The book is divided into these three main sections to help emphasize that corrosion management is a process, not a one-time event.

Preferential Weld Corrosion of Carbon Steels is sold for $90 ($67.50 for NACE Members) at NACE International’s online bookstore. It is available as an e-book download or in a soft-bound format.

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