Equipment critical analysis: The need for an effective maintenance program

Zardynezhad, S., Toyo Engineering Canada Ltd.

Oil refineries and large petrochemical plants contain thousands of pieces of process and utilities equipment that are subject to wear, erosion, deterioration, aging, etc., resulting in increasing breakdowns and outages. Imagine being a maintenance engineer and receiving 50 work orders during an overhaul with a limited budget, time, labor, spare parts, tools, machines, etc. How does that engineer prioritize the work?

Editorial Comment: Maintenance—a value-added expense

Lee Nichols, Hydrocarbon Processing

This issue of Hydrocarbon Processing tackles one of the most integral aspects of the downstream industry (or any industry, for that matter): maintenance and reliability. These two terms go hand-in-hand and help to ensure efficient and safe operations.

AMPO Poyam Valves completes construction of new manufacturing facility in India

IDIAZABAL, Spain -- AMPO Poyam Valves has completed construction of their new valve manufacturing plant in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu, India) in order to accommodate AMPO’s expanding capabilities.

Implement proactive asset management techniques

Natarelli, J., T.A. Cook Consultants Inc.

The drop in crude oil prices since 2014 has impacted both upstream producers and downstream players. Upstream producers—those responsible for exploration, drilling and production—were the first to feel the effects. While refining margins benefitted from the drop in crude oil pricing, they began to suffer when record surpluses of gasoline and diesel flooded the market a year later.

Driving innovation in the downstream: IRPC returns to New Delhi

Adrienne Blume, Hydrocarbon Processing

Gulf Publishing Company and Hydrocarbon Processing are pleased to announce that IRPC 2017 will be held April 18–20 in New Delhi.

Control design for steam vent noise in refineries

Chadha, V., Bhandari, S., Virdi, P., Bechtel Corp.

Noise pollution in oil refineries has a direct effect on worker health. Noise is the unwanted or undesirable sound produced by process control equipment, which includes valves.

Optimize steam usage in refinery flares

In this study, methods to optimize the consumption of dispersion steam in flares were examined at a large refinery that burns a considerable quantity of gas. The desired optimization was achieved by monitoring hydrocarbon emissions using an infrared camera (thermography).

Get more from your next turnaround

Bishop, N., Olsen, T., Emerson Process Management

Turnarounds in continuous operating process plants, such as refineries and petrochemical processing plants, are complicated and costly events where each day of downtime equals lost revenue.

Pentair Valves & Controls facilitates total cost of ownership improvements

Pentair is working with major chemical and petrochemical companies around the world to promote and implement standardization programs and processes with the goal of increasing efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership in areas such as procurement, installation, and maintenance of valves and controls equipment, and inventory control processes across multiple plant sites.

Linde achieves development milestone for next generation gas cylinder capabilities

The EVOS DCi valve is among a number of digital concept solutions that Linde is developing in order to demonstrate leading edge digital technologies for the packaged gases sector.