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February 2013


Special Report: Clean Fuels

Refinery optimization: Closing the gap between planned and actual performance
Aspen Technology Inc.: Petela, E.

Plant managers should remember that small, incremental changes can make huge differences to the competitiveness of a refinery in today's international marketplace.

New residue-upgrading complex achieves Euro 5 specifications
Criterion Catalysts and Technologies: de Haan, D.
Shell Global Solutions International BV: Street, M.
Grupa LOTOS Gdańsk refinery: Orzeszko, G.

In late 2010, Grupa LOTOS SA completed construction of a major residue-upgrading project at its refinery in Gdańsk, Poland. Its 10+ Program was designed to unlock a step change in the facility’s long-term profitability. After two years of operating, this project has had a profound effect on the refinery’s economics.

Operator training simulators for brownfield process units offer many benefits
Honeywell Process Solutions: Ayral, T.  |  De Jonge, P.

Using very conservative estimation methods, the estimated benefits for operator training simulators (OTS) show a return on investment certain to surpass the typical corporate investment hurdle rate.

How to choose a refiner for your precious metals catalyst
Sabin Metal Corp.: Beirne, K. M.

The criteria to consider when selecting a precious metals refiner include procedures associated with the refiner's sampling, assaying, processing and logistics arrangements.

Select new production strategies for FCC light cycle oil

Selective adjustments to FCC operating variables and catalyst quality can significantly increase LCO production, which refiners can then upgrade into diesel blendstock.

Use an innovative cracking catalyst to upgrade residue feedstock
Tamoil S.A.: Jollien, Y.-A.
BASF Corp.: Keeley, C.  |  Mayol, J.  |  Riva, S.  |  Komvokis, V.

Tamoil’s Collombey refinery worked very close with a new catalyst supplier to remove the main operating constraint and significantly improve the unit profitability. Several project goals were set and attained.

The next generation of interfaces for process engineering software
Invensys Operations Management: Brown, S.

This article offers new insight into how the user interfaces to the next generation of process engineering software might look, how they will benefit their users and the key enablers that will make it all possible.

Consider advanced technology to remove benzene from gasoline blending pool
Calumet Superior LLC: Thom, T.
Badger Licensing LLC: Birkhoff, R.  |  Moy, E.
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co.: El-Malki, E-M

As more regions increasingly adopt clean-fuel regulations, the challenge for refiners is to meet these tightening gasoline specifications for benzene cost-effectively without significant octane loss.

HPI Focus: The Green Refinery

Venice’s biorefinery: How refining overcapacity can become an opportunity with an innovative idea
eni S.p.A. Refining and Marketing Division: Amoroso, A.  |  Rispoli, G.  |  Prati, C.

Eni invested in an innovative project involving the conversion of the existing refining scheme of its Venice refinery into a “green cycle” to process very high-quality biofuels starting from biological feedstocks.

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Discover what opportunities the Eastern Mediterranean holds for you
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Blume, Adrienne

Eastern Mediterranean Gas Conference (EMGC) 2013Eastern Mediterranean Gas Conference (EMGC) 2013 is the comprehensive, breakthrough meeting for professionals working in, and seeking to be involved in,..


HP Reliability: Top three ways to improve pump service life
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Bloch, Heinz P.

Experienced reliability professionals know that even the premier equipment standards used in the HPI occasionally fall short of defining the best, most reliable, or safest available technology.

HP Integration Strategies: US biodiesel industry regains momentum
ARC Advisory Group: Miller, Paul

According to the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) trade organization, the US biodiesel industry produced more than one billion gallons (B gal) of biodiesel fuel in 2011, surpassing the 800 million gallo..

HP Boxscore Construction Analysis: 2013 global construction outlook
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

The downstream industry is investing billions of dollars in the development and construction of grassroots facilities, along with expansions and upgrades to existing plants.

HP Viewpoint: Interview with UOP
UOP, A Honeywell Co.: Gautam, R.

Hydrocarbon Processing had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Rajeev Gautam, president and CEO of UOP, A Honeywell Co., and discuss several high-level factors impacting the global hydrocarbon processing..

HP Automation Safety: It’s all about the safety PLC—not!
exida LLC: Goble, W.

Focus on the big safety improvements and the real problems. This fundamental concept applies to many tasks in addition to functional safety.

HP Brief: Brief
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

Bakken oil destined for New JerseyPhillips 66 has signed a five-year contract to use Global Partners LP’s rail transloading, logistics and transportation system to deliver crude oil from the Nort..

HP Impact: Russia’s interest in accessing the Asian gas market
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

A recent briefing paper from Chatham House thoroughly examines natural gas security issues in northeast Asia. The authors assert that northeast Asia will become a major market for gas in the coming de..

HP Impact: A big market for catalytic and thermal treatment
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

In 2013, just under $26 billion will be spent to remove carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and particulate carbon from stationary and mobile sources. Ninety-two percent of the market purchase..

HP Impact: Asia AC drives market to be driven by energy efficiency
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

The Asian region is the largest market for low power AC drives, representing around 42% of the global low power AC drives market. The growth is chiefly driven by improvement of internal infrastructure..

HP Innovations: Innovations
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Blume, Adrienne

UK firm patents mid-scale LNG technologyGasconsult Ltd. has announced the award of a patent for its new ZR-LNG liquefaction process. ZR-LNG has best-in-class energy efficiency for mid-scale liquefied ..

HP Industry Perspectives: Energy industry expects approval on the Keystone XL

With US President Barack Obama’s second four-year term now secure, most in the global hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) expect the Obama administration to ultimately approve the controversial..

Free Literature
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

Large steam-trap selection caters to requirements of plant facilitiesSpirax Sarco’s comprehensive Steam Trapping Overview brochure combines all of its steam-trap products and solutions. The broch..

New Developments
Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Meche, Helen

Stationary heat-transfer fluid systems are now available up to 700°F (371°C)The HTF ST Series of stationary heat-transfer fluid systems, up to 600 kW, is now available up to 700°F (371&..


Brazilian oil workers expected to approve wider Petrobras strike

Workers are protesting Petrobras's latest profit-sharing offer, which the union contends short-changes workers to the benefit of shareholders. The strike is tentatively scheduled to start Feb. 20, said Joao Antonio de Moraes, general coordinator for the Brazilian Oil Workers Federation, or FUP.

Heat Transfer 2013 Supplement

Improve the performance of your existing steam system
Merrick & Co.: Pelham, R. O.

This discussion tracks a material flow through the steam system, starting with feed and continuing with steam generation, steam uses and, finally, condensate recovery.