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Abid, J.

Antonoil Service, Basra, Iraq

Jamshaid Abid is a Piping Lead at Antonoil Service, Majnoon Oilfield, Iraq. He holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Engineering & Technology Taxila, Pakistan. Abid has written two articles for Hydrocarbon Processing magazine and articles at LinkedIn related to piping design and layout. In his free time, he enjoys yoga and meditation.

Arranging lines in a pipe rack: How to standardize pipe spacing in the oil and gas industry

Antonoil Service: Abid, J.  |  Sarwat, A

This article provides deep insight to piping layout engineers, presenting a holistic/systematic approach for pipe spacing based on different pipe supports—e.g., rest, guide, shoe and clamps (rather than assuming spacing based on 50-mm or 75-mm clearance between pipes).

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