Environment & Safety Gas Processing/LNG Maintenance & Reliability Petrochemicals Process Control Process Optimization Project Management Refining

Confuorto, N.

Belco Technologies Corp., Parsippany, New Jersey

Improved scrubbing methods control pollutants from FCCUs

eni S.p.A. Refining and Marketing Division: Amoroso, A.
Belco Technologies Corp.: Confuorto, N.

A major European refiner installed an advanced wet scrubbing unit to reduce SO2 emissions

Clean fuels programs – Asia-Pacific and Western Europe styles

Belco Technologies Corp.: Confuorto, N.
Axens: Lepage, J. P.
Axens North America: Ross, J.

Two refiners from different continents strive to meet the challenges of producing lower-sulfur fuels while endeavoring to protect the environment

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