Environment & Safety Gas Processing/LNG Maintenance & Reliability Petrochemicals Process Control Process Optimization Project Management Refining

Vizcaino, J. L.

CEPSA, Process Engineering, Huelva, Spain

Improve efficiency of furnaces and boilers

INERCO: Canadas, L.  |  Morales, M.  |  Portilla, A.  |  Rodriguez, F.  |  Tova, E.
CEPSA, Process Engineering: Vizcaino, J. L.

Novel 'control' scheme optimizes operations and reliability of combustion units

How to meet ultra-low sulfur requirements for gasoline

CEPSA: Garcia, R.  |  Monero, M.  |  Tola, I.
CEPSA, Process Engineering: Vizcaino, J. L.

This European refiner had to reconfigure pentane stream operations to comply with 2009 fuel specifications

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