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Buecker, B.

ChemTreat, Inc., Lawrence, Kansas

Brad Buecker is Senior Technical Publicist with ChemTreat. He has many years of experience in or affiliated with the power industry, much of it in steam generation chemistry, water treatment, air quality control, and results engineering positions with City Water, Light & Power (Springfield, Illinois) and Kansas City Power & Light Co.’s (now Evergy) La Cygne, Kansas station. He also spent 2 yr as acting water/wastewater supervisor at a chemical plant. Mr. Buecker holds a BS degree in chemistry from Iowa State University with additional coursework in fluid mechanics, energy and materials balances, and advanced inorganic chemistry. He is a member of the ACS, AIChE, AIST, AMPP (NACE) ASME, the IWC Advisory Council, the Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop planning committee, and the Power-Gen planning committee. Mr. Buecker has authored many articles and three books on power plant and water/steam chemistry.

HRSG water/steam sampling: Do it right or face potential consequences

ChemTreat, Inc.: Buecker, B.
Sentry Equipment Corp.: Powalisz, J.

Many large industrial facilities—including refineries, and chemical and petrochemical plants—are increasingly turning to co-generation for process steam and power production.

Advanced methods for controlling boiler tube corrosion and fouling—Part 2

ChemTreat, Inc.: Kraetsch, K.  |  Buecker, B.

In Part 1 of this article, the authors covered techniques for minimizing corrosion and contaminant ingress from condensate return and feedwater to industrial steam generators.

Advanced methods for controlling boiler tube corrosion and fouling—Part 1

ChemTreat, Inc.: Kraetsch, K.  |  Buecker, B.

Many heavy industrial plants, such as refineries and petrochemical facilities, require steam for numerous processes, including powering turbines, providing energy for a variety of unit operations and even heating buildings in some locations.

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